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SUMMERY : Good PPC takes skill, and great PPC takes competent strategy; you can’t just hire any fly-by-night to plug-in data and monitor the account. A thorough working understanding of the advertising platforms, a solid knowledge of rules and guidelines, and a little creativity and marketing sense are essential.

  • Date: March 15, 2021 6:02 am

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a highly cost-effective method of advertising on both search engines and websites. With PPC advertising, you only ever pay when a user clicks on your ad. You control how much you pay for each click and how much budget to allocate to your advertising campaigns, so you’ll never overspend.

If you have never run PPC adverts before, you have yet to experience the benefit of having ads in front of your target audience within minutes of launching a campaign.

Can PPC help your business reach a new audience?

Reaching new audiences through organic search can be very time-consuming and competitive. PPC allows advertisers to show ads to their target audience almost immediately. Using keyword targeting for paid search adverts, advertisers select relevant keywords that their potential customers will see.

There are too many PPC platforms available, but the most popular is Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). Google Ads work across paid search, shopping, display, remarketing, and YouTube.

Paid search refers to sponsored results at the top of the Google listings when you run a search query.

Shopping appears in the sponsored search results, but your advert will show a product image and price, unlike paid search, just text ads. 

Display refers to textual or graphical advertisements placed on third-party web pages.

Remarketing allows you to target your advertising to people that have visited your site already, allowing you to convert window shoppers into customers.

YouTube offers In-Stream and In-Display advertising on the website, showing ads before users watch a video on YouTube. These ads can also appear within YouTube’s search results. All of these channels operate on the same PPC model.

It’s not just Google that offers PPC advertising – Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all provide you with the option too. We are a PPC agency managing campaigns across all these platforms and can suggest which one is best for your campaign.

How Well Does Pay-Per-Click Work with Other Digital Channels?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can fit in with a broader digital marketing strategy by helping boost the performance of other channels or feeding off traffic from other Channels to help nurture users to conversion. We are experts in the process of integrating PPC into a digital marketing strategy. We also work closely with other teams to ensure that the entire campaign is working hard to deliver the best possible results. For example, we often collaborate with brand awareness campaigns by running remarketing activity from that traffic. We align the messaging to ensure we are finding users who have shown interest in a product/service and take them closer to a conversion. Although we have a team that works exclusively on PPC, we always strive to integrate our activities.

Why Choose OnDigital As Your Pay-Per-Click Agency?

With the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) landscape growing and more and more data becoming available to advertisers, it can be a minefield for running a successful campaign and finding your target audience. We help manage PPC campaigns, extract meaningful data, and present it back to our clients in a simple format for them to understand. We remove the stress of trying to manage and analyze marketing activity yourself.

We are Google Qualified PPC experts with decades of experience. We are happy to manage all your PPC activity, lead the strategy, and provide detailed reporting insights.

We are results-driven as a PPC agency that focuses on delivering leads and sales.

We provide a bespoke service for each of our clients. Not only do we want to help grow your business, but we also want to help you mix PPC into your digital marketing plan.

Has your website only just gone live, or is about to? Are your natural search rankings unsurprisingly low? We can help you achieve instant visibility and establish your initial PPC activities.

If you want to find out more about our PPC services and how we could help you, get in touch and speak to one of the PPC team today.

Pay-Per-Click Designed for Your Unique Business

Any motivated, future-minded business needs more than paid advertising. It would help if you had a strategy based on proven, targeted methods. Including lead generation and ad management, deep-dive keyword optimization requires an in-depth understanding of your customers and buying cycle. We deploy and manage ads that appeal to the right customers. You want people who want to buy what you are selling by having an organic Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy that drives targeted traffic to your site.

Forget ineffective campaigns and inefficient budgets. Our proven PPC management program is different. We go deep and build a thriving PPC channel which increases your conversion rate and therefore allows you to see a Return on Investment.  

Why Pay-Per-Click? Results, Results, Results

A good Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy targets the right customers, brings them to your site, and maximizes the conversion rate. 

PPC is never “set it and forget it” and is always results-driven. We execute our strategy with an eye on the long game, including thorough reporting, retargeting, and monitoring.

Here’s how:

  • Responsible Budget Monitoring – Budget creep is gone. To maximize your Return on Investment, we regularly monitor advertiser campaigns and make adjustments based on the data.
  • Testing, Testing, and More Testing – Campaign optimization is all about testing. For you to gain the most out of the campaign, we use standard ad split testing, ad position testing, landing page testing, and conversion rate optimization to help optimize your reach via PPC. If you would like to understand a bit more about what this all means, by all means, give us a shout, and we will be happy to help.
  • Building a Foundation – We have created a PPC machine that provides relevant and targeted exposure to excellent leads. We find searchers looking for your kind of service or product and will put the money down once they get there. How? By using detailed tracking data to improve campaign performance over the long term incrementally.
  • With Us, You Will Get Transparency – We have no interest in being another conglomerate digital marketing agency. Too impersonal. With us, you will see that we put a premium on clear communication and up-front pricing. Your success is our priority, and we want to achieve it from a place of integrity.
  • Delivering The Highest Return on Your Investment – We will continuously monitor your campaign and, when necessary, retarget our focus to maximize click-through rates, where you will bear witness to more conversions delivered over the long term. We include extensive reporting, which improves the more data we gather about your campaign.