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Search Engine Optimization services, Cape Town, Western Cape

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For the maximum results, you need the best SEO company. Choose the right SEO Agency (Search Engine Optimization) to put your company on the digital map. Choose OnDigital.

Have you ever Googled your name for fun, to see how visible you are to the rest of the world? Have you ever googled your business to find your website? Quite often you’ll know that you have to dig through pages of unrelated companies, articles, and news clips before you can even find yourself. It can be quite disillusioning to discover that your company website isn’t the first thing you see on a search.

Beyond vanity, finding your business on a search engine is a vital function in your online marketing strategy. Imagine someone is looking for the specific service you provide, but your business website is on page two of Google Search. The likelihood that a random web surfer will go to the second search page unless they’re specifically looking for your business is almost non-existent. By not appearing first on a search, you are losing countless potential clients. Search Engine visibility is one of the many reasons you need to invest in an SEO service provider company.

When considering what you want from your business website, your first thought will most likely be excellent brand exposure to the online community, a necessary advertising expense, or merely a digital reflection of your company. But these days only having a website is no longer enough. With the increase in popularity of search engines like Google and Bing, the importance of website search optimization has given rise to a new field in the growing domain of marketing tools, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO, for short).

In 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online.

Nowadays the most important question one needs to ask is “Is my website on the first page of Google?”. If it is not then your website is not getting the services it needs. Search visibility is perhaps your most important digital marketing tool. Not only does a top search result lead to higher brand credibility and increased brand awareness, but a whopping 60% of clicks go to the first result on a search page. The logical consequence of this is, of course, a higher conversion rate from random search to established client, which in turn leads to a better return on investment on your website and advertising costs. SEO is a long-term strategy, a continuous process that will keep your site current, and a high SEO ranking will provide 24/7 promotion long after your Public Relations employees have packed in for the day.

But formulating the perfect SEO and keyword strategies can be not only time-consuming but complicated. The internet, and explicitly search engines, are continually changing. Keywords can and will expire as web-surfers’ needs and search styles evolve. The logical step would be to hire an SEO advertising company or SEO optimization company to do all the hard work for you. You need an SEO company that will provide affordable SEO services.

OnDigital is a search engine marketing agency who offer not only Google SEO services and mobile SEO for smartphone searches, but will also perform vital keyword research, original link building, and content development. The primary aim is to get your website to the front page of every search and provide you with maximum returns on your marketing budget. With a focus on website optimization services and copywriting (content development), OnDigital uses earned experience in online marketing strategy, and a tailored approach to suit every client’s individual needs.

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