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SUMMERY : We have twenty years of experience in Minimalist User Interface, Usability First Search Engine Optimized, Web Design. And, we have ten years of experience in responsive mobile-first design.

  • Date: March 15, 2021 6:02 am

We at OnDigital have 20 years of experience in Minimalist User Interface Design and Usability First. And, we have ten years of experience in mobile-first design, making us a dominant partner.

So when they say looks do not matter, we beg to differ – especially when it comes to your website design. If we talk about food: the eyes feast on the presentation of the meal first. The eyes see what the food looks like first, not how it tastes. The same applies to websites. People feel satisfied with what they see first, which then influences their decision to stay or move on to another site.

If your homepage looks disheveled, out of place, or even obsolete, people will receive the wrong impression about your business, and before you can blink, they have moved on to another site. Presentation is essential for any business. We first engage people into the idea of buying the product by setting the mood for them. Once you set the right atmosphere, the chances of users staying on your website and looking around are higher. After all, people like being around pretty things. Here at OnDigital, we pride ourselves on bringing clients high-quality content and aesthetically pleasing website designs. 

We will position your products/services so that it grabs visitors’ attention and, therefore, increases organic sales. We do not just patch things together without thoroughly studying your market correctly. We optimize your web design by utilizing our knowledge of the market and applying techniques we know will work best with your business.

Website design boils down to making your website aesthetically pleasing and, more importantly, appealing to search engines. You may have the most beautiful website ever created. But if your site does not include SEO strategies, no one will ever see it, so there is no point in making a website look pretty; it also has to be profitable.

Hiring graphic designers is not the best option to consider when you need website revamping. Seeking seasoned marketing experts’ advice with a strong background in coding and SEO will help you more than a pretty design.

We advise clients to switch to WordPress – and for excellent and practical reasons. WordPress offers flexibility and unique website features. We are veteran WordPress developers, so we know how to work the Content Management System, tailoring it to your business needs. WordPress also keeps up with the changing times, so you can be sure that they add new functions and designs with every update.

By doing a 100% free website audit, we can determine the kind of website your market needs. Our marketing experts and web designers then move on to drafting your highly efficient and functional WordPress website. We can help you create an online office that does not only look pleasing but drives in terrific sales as well.

Search Engine Optimized Web Design In

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) website design is the design and coding of your website using SEO. As deep as coding runs to creating a website, so too does SEO. You cannot have one without the other. 

Having the best developers on your team is essential to your optimization campaign. Proper coding can also make it easier for Google Bots to index pages from your site. 

OnDigital is one of the top SEO service companies in [city] because of our commitment to all the factors contributing to proper and result-driven SEO.

When you implement SEO from the ground up, the results are usually significantly faster than when you do it later. New websites built with SEO principles are often more successfully ranked by Google from the beginning. A basic SEO expert will know the simple tricks behind On-Page and Off-Page SEO. SEO experts with a coding background will become game-changer, which is why people come to OnDigital.

Our SEO web design service succeeds because we are highly experienced and always up to date. Still, our secret weapon is spending time researching search trends, Google updates, and new technologies. 

We always come up with cutting-edge ways to stay on track with the Google-approved methods for mobile-first website development and design for your company. 

Responsive web design caters to more than merely social media advertising and smartphones. We ensure our sites are mobile-first and flexible, providing a consistent and accessible experience across multiple devices and screen resolutions. 

Google Analytics and Web Conversion

The Internet is an ever-changing platform meaning your business needs to adapt to the environment. In the beginning, enterprises focused on having a “shop face” online and developed their website to look like a beautifully designed shop window. But as the market became far more competitive, the focus changed to driving as much traffic as possible to the website. Unfortunately, that is no longer enough. The mobile-first revolution has stripped the “online shop face” of its power. There is no point trying to look through the shop window if your view is obstructed, which is the case if your website is not mobile-first.


Tracking your visitors and how they interact on your website is critical. The information received feeds back into the overall Internet marketing strategy, allowing us to make changes necessary to improve conversions. When we talk about “conversion,” we are talking about the result of people interacting with your site. It can be in the form of making inquiries, purchases, and downloading information from your website.

The OnDigital Analytics platform is our tool of choice. It provides all the meaningful information necessary to enable transparency and, of course, results. Without this data, the marketing process and your digital strategy will collapse.

Page-Speed Optimization

When your website is fast and optimized, there is higher visitor engagement, retention rates, and conversions. OnDigital has multiple resources and tools that it uses to help different websites boost their loading speed. Our technology and solutions will help identify performance best practices used to strengthen your website. Our proprietary optimization tool will help automate the process of continuously maximizing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In marketing, the conversion is something that will ultimately determine how successful the campaign is. Page speed is crucial amongst many factors to quickly boost your website ranking. Having a fast loading speed will help you increase customer engagement on your website and, consequently, your conversion rate. Many companies see this service’s use because they understand that having a high conversion rate is linked to having a high Return on Investment.

Like everything else that we do, we use hard-earned experience, usability design, and proven methods to implement the most optimal solution to solve the problem in question. 

We take off our gloves, open the hood, and get our hands dirty. We don’t implement a solution unless we understand the source of the problem. This methodology is what makes us an innovative advertising and marketing agency.

What is a Content Management System Search Engine Optimization solution?

Content Management Systems like WordPress use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions to optimize search engines’ usability like Google and Bing. This process requires the use of predefined plugins to support the SEO campaign for the specified CMS website.  

Why WordPress

WordPress is our framework of choice because of its customizability and a simple, polished admin interface for a truly user-friendly experience.

All of OnDigital’s WordPress websites are created specifically for each project, based on our proprietary SEO design framework. And we transform it into a solution that is faster, more flexible, and far more powerful.

As an experienced WordPress development agency, we have the tools to create content for your new website. We use collaborative, content-gathering tools that allow you to visualize content in terms of the site architecture and make any changes within your team before going live. 

Content Management Systems Search Engine Optimization Benefits

With the popularity of Content Management Systems (CMS) websites growing every year, it’s only a matter of time before Google starts favoring sites built on CMS. The CMS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is usually easier to implement with different plugins geared towards improving SEO.

The availability of tools like Cache and page speed optimization adds to the long list of why we recommend CMS SEO. At OnDigital, we build our proprietary plugins tailored to your individual needs.

Why does our Content Management System Search Engine Optimization service excel?

We are a cutting-edge marketing company that continually develops new plugins beneficial to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign for Content Management System (CMS) sites.

Google implements over 1,000 changes to its search engine algorithm every year; we work hard to keep your SEO campaign strategy up to date.

Mobile-First Website Design

OnDigital builds all websites from mobile up. With more than ten years of experience, we craft mobile-first responsive platforms compatible with all interfaces from handsets to tablets, desktops, and even television.

Natural mobile-first development is coding the website to dynamically change the structure based on the device format accessing it. Responsive design encompasses all aspects of the website canvas, includes menus, headers, and content, plus the overall site structure.

OnDigital seeks to provide a crisp browsing experience for the end-user with responsive design, with usability primarily in mind, and the website’s navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling. 

Our team of dedicated website maintenance professionals understands that no two projects are the same. We carve a unique digital path for each of our clients, inspired by data and driven by results. Whether it’s a fully responsive website, creative marketing campaign, e-commerce platform, or technical web services, we strive to help our clients achieve their goals in an honest, educational, and transparent manner.

Responsive Web Design That Defines Your Brand’s Online Persona

Website design is and always will be one of OnDigital’s core offerings. We were born out of the desire to create meaningful and intuitive websites for people and brands. As technology and website design advances, OnDigital too adapts to the ever-changing digital landscape. We create user-friendly websites that drive business growth and look beautiful on any device that connects you with your audience. OnDigital is a [city] website design and internet marketing firm. We currently serve clients in [city] and globally.

We take a user-centric approach to website design, allowing us to create a strategic and powerful tool for your brand. Our websites are focused on raising brand awareness, increasing conversions, and producing measurable results. Not only do we create unique mobile-first websites, but we also develop the best Content Management System, WordPress.