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How do I do SEO for my website?, Cape Town, Western Cape

The best way to start is by educating yourself, with SEO there is no easy way, you will find that there are wildly contradictory opinions, and the landscape is continually changing, due to Googles Algorithmic updates.

Think of it as balancing an Egg, on the back of a spoon while trying to tread water.

Your best place to start would be to get it from Google, quite aside from their free accreditation courses, they also have Introductory guides

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide


If you are determined and have a limited budget, this is the best place to start.

This is a lot of hard work, and we don’t blame you at all for feeling like this is just too much, after all, you are running your own business, why would you want to take on this extra burden, give OnDigital a call, let us give you a free quotation, lets work together to achieve your goals. Click here!

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