Does my website have to look beautiful ?
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Does my website have to look beautiful ?, Cape Town, Western Cape

Unless you are an Instagram spokesperson or a designer, then the answer is most defiantly not. In 99% of cases, having a beautiful website that is subject to constant design updates, and keeping up with trends and updating, the answer is a hard No!

The first rule of sales and marketing is to “KISS,” Keep it Short and Simple. And Even though your website is the face of your brand and an extension of your more considerable marketing efforts, your website should most definitely be simple.

Less is more! And here is why.

Chasing the Dream Site.

The most common problem with websites is that they become outdated quickly when you are chasing the “Beautifull design.”

Your design billing will never end! Design trends can sometimes change overnight, and there is just no way to maintain brand cohesion and remain trendy.

Trendy websites are bad for SEO! Not because it necessarily affects SEO directly, but because hard experience tells us that during the constant redesign process, stuff gets lost.

Not because of anyone’s fault, but because it happens, and when onsite SEO is lost, it’s a big problem, One that will hurt your rankings and conversion rate for months, like cancer eating away at your entire marketing campaign.

Time to bounce?

Everyone knows that only the search crawlers read all the content on your website, the users, your potential customers, scan, or skim the content.

Because of this, we know that if you are in the market for a website that is professional, clean and brings you the conversions and Return on Investment, you need easy legibility and consistency.

If you want to keep people on your site and reading for reasons to make a sale, keep it simple

Easy to understand closes deals!

Having a beautiful, complicated website with all the bells and whistles, can make your perceived image seem good, it may even make you the envy of all those in your industry, but Image and envy, don’t close deals.

When “the rubber hits the road,” the website that informs potential clients cleary what you are selling, and then gives them a reason to convert is the one that returns your investment.

Speed is everything!

If you are in any way like me, I detest slow service, If I am made to wait unnecessarily at a Restaurant, Take-out or even a Store, I walk.

My kids say I need anger management training, and my friends shake their heads at me, I do not put up with bad service.

Service is a direct reflection of how a business cares for their client, and there is no difference with your website. Your website is just like the front of house staff, needs to be efficient, polite, and courteous.

Have you ever been looking for contact information or an address on a website and be in a hurry? Have you found yourself thinking,” why do I have to wade through all of this slow loading content to get to what I need so that I can make a purchase?”, If I can’t find the information I need on a website in less than two clicks, I will go to the next town, to an outlet that has a website that gives me what I need.

Clean and Professional is what brings the clients to the yard.

Have you ever browsed websites and thought, this is good, but what are you selling? Or how do I make a purchase? Why are you hiding the prices?

Great design works when potential clients can easily recognize what they are looking at, and know what to do, feel safe to make a purchase.

The more complicated the website design, the more likely you are going to lose conversions. Keep It Short and Simple, build trust, brand recognition, and a good return on your investment.

Google likes simple!

And this here is the Rub for me; I tell this to anyone that will listen!
Search engines have no aesthetic appreciation.
Search engines have no “feelings.”
No matter how beautiful, intelligent, or expensive your website is, if you do not follow Google’s Search design rules, no one will ever see it. And you will never see a return on your investment.

Make your design easily remembered.

A clean design that focuses on the topics that your potential new client is looking for is going to make an impression.

People don’t remember how beautiful it is; they don’t recall how it made them feel; they remember where to find the information they need to make a buying decision.
We all remember the steps we needed to take to achieve a task, and the cleaner, simpler and more comfortable that task workflow is, the more often people will do it and the better it will be remembered.

Get people talking

People like to talk and compare experiences, especially about something new, there is a word of mouth aspect, that is often underrated, where people compare internet experiences, both positively and negatively.

Social learning is one of the most potent forms of grassroots marketing available. You want that social broadcast to be positive. Make it about how easy it was to find your product or service, and about the positive experience making a buying decision was.

The Digital marketing landscape is changing, all the time, but things like Professionalism and good design remain constant.

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