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You will only get what you pay for, and that is a fact.

Most of us grew up with traditional advertising channels, Radio, Television, Classified adverts, Flyers even. And trying to understand the internet and digital marketing can be terrifying.

When you have a flyer in your hand or even a business card, it feels solid and tangible, Bankable. But by comparison, the internet and digital marketing can feel entirely intangible to someone with no experience using it.

Are you wasting your money? And then on top of that, I’m sure you have heard stories of fraud, deception and unscrupulous, unqualified operators.

Your most natural go-to is, a family member, “Fly-by-night” or Cheap operator with the lowest possible price, the logic being, if you spend less, you lose less right? Wrong!

Here is what happens, “I spent $100 on my website, and I have seen no return whatsoever! This internet thing is a complete rip-off!”

Some business owners are proud of how much money they “saved” on their Electronic media, but in the end, it is only your business that pays the price.

If you are serious about growing your business on the internet, you need to get a serious digital partner.

By using a non-professional service, you are opening yourself up to operators, who either don’t care or because they are unqualified, don’t know any better. They will tell you precisely what you want to hear; to get paid, without any regard for the effectiveness of the work they have delivered.


Digital marketing, Cape Town

Here is why using a professional digital marketing agency is in the best interest of your business :

SEO constantly changes and with devastating consequences.

When you have a team dedicated solely to SEO, they will spend a significant amount of time, money, and your resources on training and onboarding.

You’ll also be responsible for making sure their ongoing training is up-to-date every time there’s an adjustment that affects your digital marketing strategy. While this might seem like a money saver until you realize Google updates its search algorithm 500 – 600 times per year.

That’s around two updates per day.

Even though every minor change might not affect your SEO, there’s no guarantee that the next one won’t be crippling to your rankings. So staying up to date is critical.

Who’s going to monitor those changes?

SEO is a full-time position! If you use your existing employees, chances are anyone you task with SEO duties will also have his or her own, job-related responsibilities. No one can effectively manage two full-time jobs.

Using professional Search Engine Optimizations and Website design services will help ensure that your company takes advantage of all marketing opportunities.

Stay up-to-date when a trend changes or a technical adjustment is rolled out, the strategy can be optimized to maximize and leverage your return on investment.

Your professional digital partner will add experience and value to your marketing, and make sure you are getting the maximum benefit from your digital marketing.

Stay fresh!

“Content is king” right? Content marketing used to be the way to stand apart from your market rivals; it has now become essential for any modern brand maintenance. Content marketing is the most successful form of the digital marketing campaign. Behind every great public brand is a wealth of valuable and relevant content that connects with your audience.

Regular delivery of high-quality content is an SEO must-have. Once identified, your target audience and researched topics will need constant upkeep, new content targeted to appear in online searches.

It’s not enough to merely maintain regular blog posts. Nor is it to retweet or repost content from other service providers. You need to invest the time required to turn your industry learned experience into the useful content that creates conversions.

Google has identified that creating and delivering content that is relevant to the user’s experience is paramount and rewards it generously.

When you decide to invest in professional SEO, you’ll also benefit from a team of professional writers who devote their time to this.

The best design is not the one you wanted.

Google has rolled out mobile-first indexing. But what does that mean for your website, it’s ranking and your return on investment? Should you be worried? Unless you have a Mobile-first Responsive website design, you will see a steady decline in your conversions, traffic, and ROI. It’s that simple.

It does not matter how beautiful your website if it is on page 2 of Google; no one will ever see it!

Among the Mobile-first myths are three that need identification.

  • It’s okay; we can have one version for mobile and one for desktop, right?Wrong! I cannot stress just how wrong this is, Mobile-first means One User Interface or Design for all platforms, mobile-first! There is no compromise here and no negotiation.
  • Mobile-first is just a design concept.While being partially correct, there are more rules that one would expect, Mobile-first requires strict adherence to HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive design. These are not negotiable, there are no exemptions, and anything else means that you are losing money before you have gone live.
  • Google will forgive a few indiscretions, won’t they? Is it all about a compromise between design and SEO, right? Wrong! Compromising Mobile-first to maintain your Brand image, and expecting your Designer to deliver what Google clearly defines as an acceptable website is impossible. Most designers are happy to take your money regardless, but if you want to see a return on your investment, you are going to have to compromise, a lot.

Those Click’s cost!

Launching a pay-per-click advertising campaign without a PPC professional is a costly mistake, in terms of time and money. The experience and value will help you avoid costly mistakes that leave you with little t no return. Google AdWords requires a thorough knowledge of their platform and procedures. Always make sure that an experienced, Qualified PPC Professional manages your campaigns.

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How much should I be paying for Social media marketing?

While having “Instamodels” and “Facebook Legends” run your Social marketing seems like the popular thing to do, but is it sound business sense? Do you have inexperienced 18-20 somethings completely in control of the public face of your business? And with no personal stake in their performance.

Social media, while being new and trendy, can also be very destructive. If used properly, it can quickly grow a small to medium-sized business as though it had the budget of a major Television Campaign. When done badly, your brand and reputation can be badly damaged.

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All marketing is a risk vs. return, and if you run a minimum risk game, just like any investment, you will get the minimum return.

Yes, this has changed, and far too quickly for some people’s liking, but things have also become easier.

Just because the game has changed does not mean that the rules have, good business sense is still the best route.

You get what you pay for, just like in any industry. If you choose to invest your marketing budget with unqualified, fly-by-night, or cheap operators, guess what? You are gonna get a cheap and unprofessional image, and you will have successfully proven to yourself that the internet is a scam.

Only deal with professionals who have history and a proven track record. Given the opportunity, we will go the extra mile and then some to make your marketing and your business a success.

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