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SUMMERY : OnDigital Web Services offers web hosting solutions that provide businesses with low-cost ways to deliver their websites. Whether you’re looking for a marketing, rich-media, or website, OnDigital provides a website hosting option for you.

  • Date: March 15, 2021 6:01 am

When deploying your website, the team is always aware of the possibility of malicious intent toward your site. To keep your site safe, we ensure all the correct provisions are in place to deal with all potential threats. The most critical aspect that underlies the security of your website is the server/hosting environment.

A vulnerable server will be prone to attacks and performance issues, especially in an environment where many websites fall under one host. We decided to get into the web hosting business to help our customers. Through the years, web hosting has become big business. Many companies are charging ridiculous amounts of money for hosting. Others have stopped providing excellent customer service and use your questions as platforms to sell more products.

As the web hosting business expands and becomes more competitive, companies vastly increase their marketing budgets. The consumers end up paying for it in the form of higher hosting costs. Moreover, most hosting companies take advantage of clients’ goodwill and try to sell them many services and products they do not need. You, as a consumer, need two things: extremely high-quality hosting and excellent customer service.

We have a virtual private server with Linode, a company that has earned awards for best customer service and hosting. It has offices in California, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, Canada, England, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. They don’t sell hosting plans to consumers – they focus solely on marketing and maintaining virtual private servers and higher-end products. Therefore, all customer service requests and billing are managed by us.

Comprehensive Support

Our web services aren’t limited to design and development. We also offer a range of website maintenance services and ongoing technical support, covering content migrations, managing hosting environments, and website security.

We ensure all updates to the Content Management System and plugins are undertaken correctly, as well as perform regular website backups.